Candida Cleanse & How It Cured My Leaky Gut Symptoms

If you are wondering if the candida cleanse will help you cure leaky gut symptoms, then I am glad to inform you that it indeed does. I have suffered from leaky gut symptoms for over one year! There are tons of threads on the internet but nobody really knows how to cure it. Yes, leaky gut syndrome is a blanket diagnosis of more specific problems, but it’s very hard to pinpoint it and takes a lot of self troubleshooting and patience. Just to point out, there are different types of candida infections but this was written for candida overgrowth in your gut.

After having all of the leaky gut symptoms and discovering I had some kind of a hemorrhoid or anal fissure due to unhealthy lifestyle habits and diet I went to a doctor which was an absolute waste of time. I was prescribed simple constipation medicine (psyllium husk) & laxatives. No matter how much I explained about my symptoms, it was definitely a case of constipation according to the medical expert.

I took matters into my own hands and tested different things out. I seen what foods were affecting me and made mental notes. I seen if alcohol or high sugar drinks worsened my condition and certain supplements. The worst symptom for me was the odor that emitted at random times. I would sweat when I slept and when I woke up, my whole room was filled with a very distinct odor. Or sometimes a sewage smell that would come and go & followed me for over a year.

I tracked my steps to any key events that happened over a year ago before these symptoms and remembered I was really stressed, was on a low carb high protein diet & eating very infrequently, lots of energy drinks & frequent alcohol consumption, taking strong antibiotics for 1 month which killed good bacteria in my gut. This resulted in loss of urge to defecate, constipation & diarrhea within the same week, very foul odor when passing gas & from stool. Burning & itching anus, wet feeling in anus, and last but not least, incomplete bowel movements & the sensation of it.

candida cleanse
Scientists estimate 70% of the western population – men and women both – suffer from candida overgrowth, more specifically candida albicans


So What Was It?

I noticed leaky gut syndrome and candida overgrowth go hand in hand. At first I tried a gluten free diet which worked immediately at first, until symptoms reappeared again not even a week later.

Then I read somewhere that leaky gut symptoms go hand in hand with an overgrowth of candida in the gut. The symptoms are about exactly the same so I believe 8 times out of 10 these symptoms are directly caused from a candida overgrowth or some similar infection in your guts. I suspected long use of antibiotics were the main culprit in this.

How Do You Cure a Gut Infection & How Long Does it Take?

You will need to go on a candida cleanse which means killing the candida overgrowth in your gut. Yes, you still need a good amount of candida in your body to support normal bowel functions. Also there is a myth that only women have candida. That kind of candida you are probably thinking about is from vaginal yeast infections. Men can get this as easily as women. Regarding how long it takes, I had this problem for over a year. It was initially pretty bad at first, but started getting a tiny bit better from eating healthy & exercising but you will need to call in Arnold Schwarzenegger & his team of mercenaries to take down the predator (candida) in your digestive jungle. Eating a salad here and there won’t do much to help.

You will need to take probiotics to help introduce good bacteria back into your gut. Your good bacteria are low in numbers right now to kill the bad bacteria. Get a strong probiotic supplement and take DOUBLE the dosage it recommends. This is the probiotics I used, Earth’s Pearl Probiotics. So take the recommended serving in the morning with a meal, and another recommended serving right before you go to bed.

Commence The Candida Cleanse – Resistance is Futile!

While taking probiotics, go on a 7 day detox to clear your system of all the gunk and toxins. After doing this, I noticed almost 80% reduction in symptoms & odor. I used these 14 day detox capsules (Two 7 day detoxes) which I got at GNC for over $50 bucks. Come to find out they are sold on Amazon for way cheaper…

Fermented Greens every morning right after waking up. Mix one scoop of this in with a glass of room temperature water. Drink 1 more glass of water to flush it down. You will need your veggies & this should scrub out your intestines and make them squeaky clean. Do not skip on this as us human’s need to eat way more vegetables than we think. This is something I take everyday and is easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made. For those always busy and on the go like me, you can’t beat fermented greens in price or quality.

After the 7 day detox, start the candida cleanse while continuing probiotics and the green drink. I highly recommend this candida cleanse product which I ordered from amazon. Just take two pills a day. It also helps with the candida die-off effect. After 2 – 3 weeks of this, you should be feeling 100% back to normal.

Also I recommend taking L-glutamine powder or capsules as L-glutamine is essential for repairing muscle fibers, therefore repairing your intestinal tract. Many body builders use l-glutamine for faster muscle recovery and it does wonders for repairing your intestines. You can pick this up at any store or online store, but I recommend the powder form version that Optimum Nutrition sells.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and you will need to cut off sugar and refined carbohydrates when you start the candida cleanse. I went on a diet of chicken breast, eggs, brown rice (so many health benefits with brown rice). Stay away from alcohol as it contains sugar and can inflame your gut especially in the weak condition it’s in.

Yes, I am getting a tiny commission from most of the products I am recommending you. I found out how to solve my problem by myself with my time & money and saving you a lot of headaches and cash. I also used all & still use these products myself.  Probiotics & Metamucil make my bathroom experience quick & clean now =]. Also the detox capsules help with a LOT more than digestive issues. It cleared up my tinea versicolor overnight(weird patches of circles on my back I’ve had for years, some kind of fungus – strongly believe it’s related to candida overgrowth)

Also I recommend a fiber supplement which will definitely help if you still have the incomplete bowel movements. For Metamucil, you don’t have to take their recommended dosage, because it’s overkill IMO. I say once a day or every two days, take 5 Metamucil capsules one by one with water.

So that’s it and let me know your results or questions in comments below & feel free to contact me anytime.

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