Colon Cancer Excessive Wiping After Bowel Movement

Could you Have Colon Cancer Excessive Wiping After Bowel Movement

colon cancer excessive wiping after bowel movement

A lot of people start to freak out after they have incomplete bowel movements and see blood in their stool. Just because this happens does not mean there is a serious underlying condition. Maybe something that needs medical attention to but not jumping to the conclusion that you have cancer.

I remember when I used to only have this problem after a night full of heavy drinking and it would be the most annoying thing ever. Having the excessive wiping after a bowel movement only for it to come back but it would be go back to normal until the next time I drank heavily.

Then I took antibiotics for a month, was stressed out, had an unhealthy diet, and this started to become an everyday thing. It happened after I became really constipated and almost ripped me a new one when I had to go to the bathroom. I developed a hemorrhoid that would last for over a year a long with bacteria infection in my gut which was finally fixed after getting on a healthier diet, increasing fiber intake, detoxing, supplements, and kegal exercises.

If you think you have colon cancer because of excessive wiping after a bowel movement you are most likely starting to get paranoid and taking WebMD with not enough salt. Excessive wiping could be a myriad of digestive problems, most commonly the ones I told you I had earlier. You might have IBS and certain foods affect your bowel movements and even give you bloating or diarrhea/constipation.

I am not an expert nor a healthcare professional but I thought the same thing after excessive wiping and incomplete bowel evacuations. Apparently I had a hemorrhoid which was cutting off the tip of the stool leaving it inside and having me to constantly wipe. I had the itchy and burning feeling in my anus as well. You could also have a bacterial infection in your gut like I did, which can be cured with detoxes and probiotic supplements.

If you are experiencing the anal itching, leakage, and pain after bowel movements, and spots of blood on your stool, I would advise to go to a hospital as soon as you can to make sure what it is. My visit to the doctor left me with constipation medicine..$20 worth, and come to find out it’s basically a powder form of Metamucil. Who knows, your doctor might be able to help you better than mine.

I took things into my own hand and cured myself. So if you think you have colon cancer, you are most likely worrying for nothing. Just follow the steps above and if you want to know exactly how I cured myself, what diet to go on, and what supplements I used, please contact me. Good luck!


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