Leaky Gut Odor Cured By Candida Cleanse? Are We Wasting Our Time?

The Mysterious Leaky Gut Odor

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Before I was cured, I have suffered over 1 year from the notorious ‘Leaky Gut Odor Syndrome’ that everyone is confused about.

There is constant debate that this disease or condition doesn’t even exist or it’s a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry, prescribing antibiotics just to prescribe us more medication for the side effects of those antibiotics i.e. leaky gut syndrome.

I’m glad to say I’m cured of all my symptoms but let me dive into my theory of what started this one year of constant anxiety, paranoia, depression, & pain.

Although I can’t pinpoint the exact cause, I can tell you everything that did not help, especially lifestyle habits right before all these symptoms arose.

  • Poor Diet (too many sweets, junk food)
  • Not eating frequently
  • Stress (big one)
  • Working out too frequently even after days of heavy lifting at work.
  • Drinking way too much
  • Caught a UTI from a one night stand (I’m a male and this happens from doing #3 & #4 a lot. Bad Mistake)

I’m sure there’s more but all of these contributed to the “leaky gut syndrome” and “leaky gut odor”. I’m putting these terms in quotes but you’ll read why soon.

I received antibiotics for the UTI and started to have weird bowel movements. I couldn’t feel them come out at all! It just.. well.. came out. Then a month later of bad lifestyle habits comes the constipation, then diarrhea, then the most foul stench ever.

It started with something smelling like rotten eggs, then eventually progressed to like a dead corpse. Someone once commented if I passed gas at work and made fun. I started laughing with coworkers because I thought it was someone else and started to blame them for the foul gas.

Later I realized the stench was from me! I asked family members but they couldn’t smell anything. I asked a friend who did smell it but it could also have been the sewer smell right outside my window.

I started to think I was going crazy. I couldn’t pin point where the smell was coming from. My sheets smelled normal, pants were okay. When I woke up my room would have the same smell and it really started to piss me off but even more I was depressed and anxious.

You could say I literally stayed home for a year. Didn’t go out with coworkers, didn’t go out with friends. I stopped drinking and pretty much socializing. Luckily I’m an introvert so it wasn’t too bad but the worst part was no more dates, & I was scared of going to the gym.

Eventually it progressed to where I would have incomplete bowel movements and there would be frequent leakage. I would have a feeling that my bowels were still full even after going to the bathroom. I went through many rolls of toilet paper as well.

After my father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 3 months later, my symptoms got worse, and I had a lot of time with myself for introspective thinking. I realized I was in hell on earth. There was many things I took for granted, most of all my health.

After looking on the internet for a cure I came across the term leaky gut syndrome and leaky gut odor and according to the internet, about everyone has this condition.

It’s like looking at WebMD on why your back itches and discovering you have a rare type of skin cancer. Although a pretty general condition, my symptoms did match almost everything for leaky gut odor / syndrome.

  • Constipation & Diarrhea
  • Constant Flatulence
  • Foul Smelling Stool
  • indigestion
  • Bloating & Fatigue
  • Skin Problems
  • Food Sensitives

So what is leaky gut?

Leaky gut is where your “digestive net” in your tract gets damaged which causes larger holes and allows things that originally could not go through able to pass through such as protein, gluten, toxins, undigested & bad bacteria. It can get bad enough to where toxic waste can leak and sit in there and eventually leak into your bloodstream creating autoimmune responses or diseases if left untreated. Some say parasites in your gut also hook onto the “net” causing holes, or candida overgrowth which we will get to later.

leaky gut odor. a healthy gut vs leaky gut

My main symptoms were incomplete bowel movements (constant wiping, itchty burning feeling down there) and the mysterious odor which are both strangely almost ever listed as a symptom of leaky gut, but I knew I had some kind of bacterial imbalance.

Testing Phase 1

After doing a 1 week detox and taking probiotics the leaky gut odor wasn’t as strong but still persistent. The smell also changed from rotten egg to more like feces. I think the detox might have gotten rid of a lot of built up waste.

Testing Phase 2

Next I discover that gluten helps get rid of the odor since the condition my gut was in would not easily digest a wheat protein like gluten. My guess is the environment in my gut gave me a temporary autoimmune response. After going on a no gluten diet, symptoms were largely reduced (leaky gut odor & loose incomplete stools), or so I thought……

Few days later of my bittersweet revelation (who the hell wants to live without gluten? I couldn’t have developed celiac disease or gluten intolerance out of the friggin BLUE) the toilet became my bestfriend once again and man that was no fun! Back to the drawing board….

Testing Phase 3 – Candida Cleanse?

I stumbled upon a site where an overgrowth of candida in your gut actually causes leaky gut syndrome and even the leaky gut odor. Candida overgrowth is where yeast in the gut overgrows because the lack of good bacteria due to antibiotics, infection, or too much sugar.

I followed the Candida Diet & Took a Candida Cleanse Product. I took 2 strong probiotics in morning and 2 right before bed, natural detox pills, candida cleanse pills. For food I ate brown rice, chicken breast & eggs with a super green powder drink. After 1 week I was pretty amazed.

The smell was very very faint unless I really concentrated on it, but other than that it was almost gone.

My guess was I had some type of bacterial infection in the gut probably related to a candida overgrowth since I did develop tinea vesicolor on my back (random spots caused by fungus. Usually caused by candida overgrowth).


The rotten smell was gone but definitely still smelled faint feces every now and then and I still had the same major case of bowel incontinence. I remember in the beginning when I was super constipated and the stool was so hard it felt like it was ripping me a new one. I was also seeing bright red blood spots on my stool. I could barely walk after some of these bowel movements. Then it hit me….
Anal fissure or hemorrhoids (both are pretty similar in symptoms).

Final Aha! Moment

Due to both being able to create space between your muscles that close the anal area, it will make you involuntarily pass gas, leak mucus from the inflammation (which could be the  leaky gut odor), and generally leak air from inside your rectal walls. Combine this with bacterial imbalance in the gut and your getting whiffs of voodoo stuff all day! It could also explain why everything wasn’t “evacuating”. It’s either being blocked by hemorrhoid (there’s 4 different sizes of them as classified by doctors) or the muscles aren’t working properly due to an anal fissure.

So there you have it guys, It took me over a year to finally find out what was going on with my bowels and the weird odor. If you experience similar problems go to a doctor as soon as possible as it might be more than just your gut, but something physiological. If you want to know what supplements I used & what steps I took to heal myself of this, head over to this page.

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