Star Wars Black Series Toys Repainted in Beautiful Detail

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When Hasbro announced their line of six-inch Star Wars Black Series figures in January 2013, fans and collectors were excited. The series promised more articulation and attention to detail. It mostly delivered. The characters’ accessories and clothing looks better, but the face sculpt and paint is often lacking. It’s passable, but it’s not perfect. I realized how much the likenesses could be improved when I saw the work of Oldboy CTTS. Get a load of these before and after paint jobs:

Yoda looks wise and old instead of perpetually surprised!

Oldboy CTTS, a group of Thai tattoo artists, took their interest in figures and collectibles and combined it with their creative talents to repaint figures or sculpt new heads and pieces to create entirely custom figures. They’ve repainted a ton of Star Wars Black Series’ heads, including several from The Force Awakens. The shading they add gives the toys so much more life. I mean, prequels-era Obi-Wan just looks silly with his too-orange eyebrows and dead eyes.

If the original sculpt doesn’t match the character, Oldboy CTTS will whip up something else before painting. They recently made and painted Black Series heads that look more like Adam Driver for the Kylo Ren figure. That head, like their other work, is a big improvement over the original.

Jump to the gallery below to see more examples of transformation. There’s a Jango Fett before and after that sort of blows my mind. You can keep up with more custom toys and see more photos at Oldboy CTTS’ Facebook page. It looks like they occasionally post about limited orders there, too.

Which Hasbro Black Series repaint are you most impressed with? Let me know in the comments.