This Flaw Might Make Rogue One Unwatchable!

Rogue One is going to quench everyone’s Star Wars thirst for the year until Disney releases the upcoming film for the franchise but according to Matt Miller from Esquire who has already watched the movie, there is constant ass kicking of storm soldiers with a wooden stick. Yes a frickin’ wooden stick.

Storm troopers seem to be killed or rendered unconscious with sticks. Yes they were pretty easily killed in the original Star Wars trilogy and it was the 80’s. Yes, a lot of things in Star Wars don’t make sense and it’s was never meant to be super realistic or serious but  According to Matt this happens throughout the movie and it seems to be kind of overdone.

I have yet to watch Rogue One but I don’t see myself being too turned off by what I see from these GIFs. It seems like sticks are as effective as lightsabers and this guy was too good to become a Jedi due to his proficiency in stick fighting. Will it be corny? Don’t know. I just hope this stand alone Star Wars movie is good. What do you guys think? Maybe you Star Wars fans have a better explanation of what’s going on. Let us know!